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Sinter bronze bearing

Movement applications using bearings can be found in every industry: slow and fast applications, light and heavy applications, abrasive and clean applications. Every industry has its own preference for a bearing type, such as sintered bronze bearings. In addition to sintered bronze bearings, other variants are also available, including:

Sintered bronze sliding bearings

BBS Industrie sells high-quality sintered bronze sliding bearings. BBS Industrie are also dealers for other types of sliding bearings, including:

Characteristics of Sinter bronze bearing bushes

The most important characteristics of sintered bronze sliding bearings is that the bearings are mainly suitable for hydrodynamic, lubricated conditions or high rotation speeds. In connection with their porous structure, a lubricating medium is combined with the material, lending the materials self-lubricating properties.

Uses of Sinter bronze bearing

  • Civil engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Offshore
  • Inland shipping

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