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Spherical Bearings

BBS Industrie are manufacturers and dealers for various types of spherical bearings.
Spherical bearings are primarily used to absorb oscillating movements, but the same oscillating function can be used for inclination correction. Numerous variants of spherical bearings are also available that are capable of absorbing rotary movements in the application.

spherical bearings

Spherical ball bearing

BBS Industrie are specialists in spherical bearings. As a result, we are able to design alternative models to the numerous variants already available. The different variants are classified into specific categories including:

Many different variants are available in each of these categories. For alternative designs/ models, the best option is the composite stainless steel spherical bearing range. All GE bearings are supplied in accordance with the regular DIN standards.

Uses of Spherical Bearings

Example applications in which spherical bearings are used are hinge points for lock gates, bridges and cranes that are subject to very heavy loads, or applications in construction and civil engineering.

Spherical bearings are also commonly used in the offshore industry, for example at the hinge points on stingers on pipe lay vessels.

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