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Fastening Materials

The brake lining/strip material (woven brake lining) can be fastened by vulcanisation, cold gluing, riveting or with nuts and bolts. The most common fastening method is using vulcanisation glue. In this technique, the brake shoes, brake strips and/or friction strips are placed in a convector oven to activate the gluing process.

fastening material


If gluing has to be carried out on location due to specific circumstances, an excellent option is cold gluing.

If the brake lining/strip material must be additionally secured, this can be carried out using rivets DIN7338B or nuts and bolts DIN936. 

It is of course possible for you to carry out this work on location. We supply all the necessary tools, such as rivet sets and a countersink drill bit (for rivets/ nuts and bolts).

Uses of Fastening Materials

  • Brake shoes
  • Brake strips
  • Friction strips
  • Brake plates
  • General brake applications

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