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Details BBS Industrie BV:

Veersedijk 103
3341 LL Hendrik Ido Ambacht

Chamber of Commerce 63832607
VAT no. NL855420133B01

Whenever you visit our website or company, send us a message, or make contact with us in any other way, there is a considerable likelihood that you will leave behind your company details/personal details. In processing your company details/personal details, we comply with the requirements imposed by privacy legislation.

This means that:

  • we clearly state the purposes for which we process company details/personal details. We do this by means of this privacy statement;
  • we restrict our collection of company details/personal details to nothing more than those company details/personal details necessary for legitimate purposes;
  • we first ask you for express consentto process your company details/personal details in all cases where your consent is required;
  • we take appropriate security measures to protect your company details/personal details and impose the same requirement on parties processing company details/personal details on our behalf;
  • we respect your right to access, to rectify or to erase your company details/personal details at your request.

In this privacy statement, we explain which company details/personal details we collect and use, and for what purposes. At any moment and without prior notice, we are entitled to amend this privacy statement and we therefore advise you to carefully and regularly read this privacy statement, to ensure you are always conversant with the latest content.

This privacy statement was most recently revised on 03-06-2019            

Storage and protection

For us it is extremely important that you are confident that your details are in good hands with us, and we will do everything possible to ensure that your company details/personal details are handled carefully and are adequately secured. With that in mind, we take physical, electronic and process-related security measures such as the use of strong passwords, the securing of network connections via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and use-based access restrictions.

Cooperation with external parties

As far as possible, we try to ensure that your personal details are managed by us. On occasion, we cooperate with external parties. It is then necessary for us to share your details with them. These include IT service providers, payment partners, transport partners and media/marketing agencies. In such cases, we reach clear agreements with these parties according to which they may only use your details for the purpose for which we share those details, and they are not permitted to independently use or share those details with others.

In almost all cases, your details are stored within the European Union. We sometimes also cooperate with parties outside the European Union. In that case we always ensure that your privacy is fully protected.

Access and rectification of your details

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or our company details/personal details, you can contact us at any time (by telephone or via the contact form on our website You can also send us a request to access, rectify, erase or restrict the processing of the personal data we have To prevent abuse, we may ask you to provide adequate proof of identity. With regard to access to company details/personal details linked to a cookie, you must send a copy of the cookie in question with your request. You can find these cookies in your browser settings.


Third party websites

This privacy statement does not apply to websites of third parties with links to our website. We cannot guarantee that these third parties will handle your personal details in a reliable or secure manner. We advise you to read the privacy statement of these websites before using these websites.

Questions and complaints

We will of course be delighted to assist you further if you have any questions or complaints with regard to this privacy statement or the processing of your company details/personal details. Please contact us via

Visit to our website

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are also placed by third parties commissioned by us. We understand how important it is that you know which cookies are used by our website and for what purposes they are used. We wish to guarantee your privacy and the user-friendliness of our website and our commercial interests as far as possible.

When you visit our website for the first time a notice will be displayed in which we explain why we use cookies and how you can adjust your cookie settings. If you continue to use our website, we will assume this represents permission to use cookies.

Our cookie statement contains further information about the cookies used by and via our website and for what purposes.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to keep a record of how visitors use our website. We have signed a processing agreement with Google that specifies how our data is used. Furthermore, we do not permit Google to use the Analytics information obtained for other Google services. We do not have IP addresses pseudonymised, but we do delete all data which can be derived to a specific visitor, after 60 months.


Whenever you place an order with us verbally, by telephone or by mail, we will register your company details/ contact person details. For this purpose we use the accounting software of unit4. We store the information of products you bought as long as the lifetime of the products. These information we only use in case of a warranty claim. Beside this we use the secure payment environment of the Rabobank. This enables us to process the payment and any repayment. We are required to store the transaction details for the Tax and Customs Administration, for seven years. When an invoice is older than 90 day, your information could also be shared with our credit insurance Euler Hermes at ‘s Hertogenbosch.

To process your order we will use your company details and contact person details to send the package to you and we may use your email address and telephone number to keep you informed of the status of your order. Wherever necessary we will share these details with external parties such as TNT. In this case, we establish clear agreements with these parties according to which they may only use these details for the purpose for which we have shared those details with them, and may therefore not independently use or share those details with third parties.

We analyse the details to gain a better insight into our customers and their wishes and needs so that we can improve our service to them in the future. Hereby we use the maximum retention period of of two years after the last contact moment. After two years the details about your wishes ad needs on our services will be deleted.

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Our workshop is fitted with security cameras. These cameras are used to monitor the security of our customers, our personnel and your and our property.

Whenever we order an article on your behalf, have an article manufactured for you, or have a customised article assembled for you, we will request your company details and the name, telephone number and email address of your contact person, so that we can contact you if we have any further questions and when the article is ready.

All customer details are processed by us in the accounting programme and linked to your account so that we can review your purchases. We store the information of products you bought as long as the lifetime of the products. After two years this information could only be used in case of a warranty claim.

Contact with us

We will be happy to help you with all your questions, problems and requests. You can contact us in several different ways.

We do not record telephone conversations but we do take notes about the content of these conversations so that we can deal with any questions or complaints.

You choose which details you share with us. However, we may ask you for such details as your company details, name, email address and telephone number so that we can deal with your question or complaint, and can contact you about how your questions or complaints are being dealt with.

We store the details and messages you send to us so that we can retrieve them at a later stage should you contact us again, in the future.

We also analyse the messages we receive to give us an insight into the number and nature of messages we receive, and how well they are dealt with by us, so that we can continuously improve our processes.

How long do we store your personal data?

We will keep your personal data for no longer than necessary for the processing purposes mentioned above. This means that your personal data are kept for as long as necessary to fulfil the specified purposes. However, we are bound to retain certain personal data for longer as we must comply with the statutory retention obligations such as the duty to retain data for tax purposes.

Making an appointment

If you wish to make an appointment with one of our advisors, please contact us by telephone or email, or approach us via the contact form on our website We will record your company details, name, email address, telephone number, preferred dates/times and specific questions to ensure we can offer the best possible assistance and can contact you about the appointment.

We will store your details. Should you have further questions at a later date, we can then review what was discussed. The matters discussed will not be used for any other purposes. If agreed during the appointment we will send you additional information about our products/services.

Newsletter subscription

If you wish to be kept up to date about new products, product developments and trade fairs, simply subscribe via our website using the contact form . You can also unsubscribe for the newsletters at any time, via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter.

Social Media

BBS Industrie B.V. maintains profiles in various social media platforms ((Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) that will help keep you informed of events, vacancies and product information. Each of these platforms has their own terms and conditions and privacy statements to which you agree whenever you make use of their services.

If you refer to the products/services of BBS Industrie B.V. in a post by tagging us or using a hashtag, we are entitled to approach you to ask whether we can repost your post via our own channels. If we have reposted a photograph you have shared, we will always acknowledge your original text and your account unless you indicate that you wish otherwise.

If you send us a message via social media, this will be stored by BBS Industrie B.V.

We use a range of advertising possibilities offered by the social media platforms. We can for example display advertisements on the basis of your age, your place of residence, whether you follow us and whether you have particular interests. We have no influence over the details you share with the social media platform or which they collect about you in any other way. For more information, we refer you to the terms and conditions of these platforms themselves.


We occasionally participate in or organise events. These may take place at or around our workshop or at an external location. These events are generally open to the public but it is sometimes important to know who will be attending. This enables us to make the necessary preparations or send you further information or a reminder.

We also wish to be able to identify who has attended an event.

We will in certain cases ask you to register in advance with your name and email address before you are able to participate in an event. If you are already a customer, we will link your registration to your details in our bookkeeping package.

For certain events, we work together with external parties and it is necessary for us to share your details with them. In this case we establish clear agreements with these parties that they are only permitted to use your details for the purpose for which we have shared them with them, and they are not permitted to independently use those details or share them with others.

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