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Off-shore Applications

In civil engineering, when building bridges and locks, among other things, a long lifespan and minimal maintenance are important requirements. The structures are exposed to wind and weather and different temperatures.

BBS Industrie supplies spherical plain bearings, for example, for pivot points and hydraulic cylinders in bridges and locks. Because these applications are often difficult to access, minimal maintenance is required, and lubricants are also harmful to the environment, making maintenance-free spherical plain bearings an ideal solution.

The teclite composite material is self-lubricating, eliminating the need for external lubrication and making the bearings independent of seal or lubrication system. The housing of the spherical bearings are made of stainless steel and are therefore maintenance-free and a guarantee for a long service life.

In the offshore environment, including dredging activities, products are exposed to a wide variety of conditions. Salt water and alternating high and low temperatures. BBS Industrie has a specific maintenance-free type of teclite composite available for offshore and marine applications. Teclite 100G has minimal wet expansion, is resistant to salt water and self-lubricating. Thanks to these features, there is minimal maintenance and downtime.

bbs offshore applications

Uses of Off-shore Applications

  • Deck crane bushes and bearings
  • King pin bearings
  • Fairlead bearings
  • Anchor sheave bearings
  • Tow pin bushes
  • Capstan bearings
  • Deck winch bearings
  • Stern roller bearings
  • Hatch cover pads
  • Watertight through bushes
  • Stabilizer fin bearings
  • Dredger suction tube pivot bearings
  • Rudder pintle bearings
  • Neck bearings
  • Rudder carrier bearings
  • Stern tube bearings

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