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BBS Conference Functions As Knowledge Platform – 10-06-2011

At the initiative of BBS, a unique conference was held on Wednesday, 8 June in the Regards Hotel at Rotterdam Airport. The theme of this gathering, which was attended by a very large number of engineering firms and construction companies, was the interactive expansion of knowledge with regard to tribological and maintenance issues.

Among other things, the conference was organized to create a new knowledge platform in the market. Due to the shift of the design part from the government to the market, collective experience, in particular, has become fragmented. At the same time, the market and the government are setting new and higher demands. A knowledge platform can help to give renewed insight and direction to sound and well-founded engineering. The many business cards that were exchanged on this day were a literal symbol of a renewed bond within the market.

A large part of the day was devoted to presentations by Mink Ros from MRCONSULT B.V. and Gerard Worm from BBS bv. In addition to the products of BBS, the lubrication systems from Ambi out of Lelystad were presented.

Presentation by Mink Ros:

– Title: Managing and extending the maintenance interval for mechanical and civil structures in and beside water.

Presentation by Gerard Worm:

– Title: Tribology: Innovation with synthetic bearing materials.

Engineering with support

Knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing are important ways for BBS to work with the market. This supports innovation and gives a basis for engineering issues. By operating with other companies in different combinations it is possible to focus on the right knowledge and experience where necessary.

Here is a link to a photographic impression of the day

bbs conference

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