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Teclite Ballbearings For Linne Lock Overhaul Project (Netherlands)

With 3 lock and 3 bridge projects in the first 5 months of 2011, the BBS approach in the civil market segment has had a successful start again this year. We are using new materials in innovative new designs as well as renovation of classic engineering works.

With the delivery of a series of joint bearings (shaft diameter 120 and 170) for the Linne Lock overhaul project, BBS provided a beautiful series of custom made products for long-term applications. The bearings are being used as joint bearings in the cylinder head of the door actuator (between the door and the Panama wheel).

The Linne lock

The Linne lock forms part of a larger hydraulic engineering complex. The construction of a barrage and the associated lock was begun in 1918. The barrage was built to make the river better navigable, and the lock that then became necessary shortened the route by cutting off a large bend of the river (meander).

Later, a second lock was built beside the first lock to give access to the Lateraalkanaal. This canal provides a considerable reduction of the length of the navigation route.

teclite ball bearing project

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