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Teclite (Joint) Bearings In Bergentheim Bridge

Commissioned by the Province of Overijssel, Royal Haskonig has completed the design for the new Bergentheim bridge across the Almelo – De Haandrik channel. This bridge is the second of five flexible bridges which replace larger ones in order to make the canal suitable for heavier shipping. The bridge’s design is modern and minimalistic. Determining parts of the bridge’s design are abstracted at its maximum. The elements seem loose lines arising from the landscape, and answer to the principal of drawbridges in an almost Mondrian way. The entire composition is a reference to the orthogonal structure around the bridge.


The bridge is built by Jansen Venneboer in Wijhe. BBS supplies the Teclite (joint) bearings to be used for all rotating parts. The project is to be completed by September 2012.

project bridge bergentheim
teclite joint bearing

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